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About Moody Cow: Improve your mood

Childhood Trauma effects the brain, from the third trimester in -utero, through to age 5 or 6 years old when the brain has fully developed.


That wiring from childhood remains operational until deliberate intervention takes place to rewire, restore and renew childhood patterns into healthier expressions. 

In the absence of intervention, adults with childhood trauma in their background can struggle with anxiety and depression. In some cases they will develop CPTSD.  This impedes their ability to consistently contribute to meaningful outcomes in the workplace leaving them and their colleagues wondering what is going on. 

Brain scan of 2 children, same age. (1).png

Moody Cow - Improve your mood (MCIYC)  educates on the effects of childhood trauma in business, while sharing practical tools, resources and strategies to rewire, restore and renew legacy programming. 

The founder and creator of Moody Cow is Shannon Eastman; a business professional, business owner and lifelong student of human behaviour, communications and growth. Shannon shares what she is learning on the Moody Cow podcast, blog and creates fun educational products designed to rewire legacy programmes.

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