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Putting the fun in functional

Being known, liked and trusted is a foundational requirement for businesses looking to hire, sell and negotiate inside and outside the business. 


From Culture and Community to PR, Marketing and Sales, influencing hearts and minds is key to a firm's success. Our series of premium grade mindful activities is one of those tools to do just that; influence hearts and minds through the gift of mental health, proven to improve your mood. 

Bulk Orders: Buy Off The Shelf

Purchase our range of books, shipped to your preferred location. 






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Co-branded: Win Clients, Influence Culture

Our Luxury books are game changing tools for companies in several areas: ​

  1. Conference & Events - giveaways in the goody bags, hand out at your trade show booths, use as prizes, gift with Call to Action made, and/or given away from the stage for audience participation. 

  2. Staff team building, company away days and annual Town Halls, Employee gifts and giveaways, culture building events. 

  3. Clients, Partners & Vendor gifts, Reception Area, Corporate Gifts

  4. Community Donation - kind of like donating a box of mental health.

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Community: Donate a box of Mental Health

Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Cancer Wards, Convalescent Homes - Moody Cow is committing to delivering 10,000 books to Nursing Homes across Canada, Ireland and the UK to support those individuals with activities to improve their mood. 

Box of Books delivered to a destination of your choice:

50, 100, 250, 500 books with personalised note or made anonymously. 

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Commission a Book

Don't see the title you were hoping for. Perhaps we can help. 

Get in touch to commission a book. 

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