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Complex-PTSD (CPTSD) Handbook: Repair, Regulate, Recover

Paperback is available on Amazon Worldwide, with overnight delivery for Prime members priced at $10 USD. You can buy the instant download on this site for a fiver.


CPTSD Handbook: Repair, Regulate, Recover - is a book I wrote, illustrated, designed and published, as a resource I would have loved to have had, 15 years ago.

I have C-PTSD. I have invested a lifetime in personal development to heal from it. I didn't quite get there until I discovered and used tools that healed the brain and nervous system.

When your brain and nervous system are impaired by trauma, that impaired state creates immersive feelings of anxiety, fear, and dis-ease. We are overwhelmed easily, and continuously experience life as "Not-Safe-Can't-Trust". When we heal and repair the brain and nervous system, those 'side effects' dissolve, leaving us feeling calm and centered.

Repairing the brain-nervous system is through the body, in non-verbal ways. So the 25 years I invested trying to resolve my mental health through cognitive efforts, were having very little effect.


In 2018, I stumbled across the brain scans of 2 children aged 5.

The first brain scan was from a child that was raised in a loving, healthy home. The 2nd brain scan was from a child that had been raised with neglect and trauma. The brains were physically different. Thanks to enormous breakthroughs in neuroscience circa 2018 onwards, we have so much more insight into the physical effects of trauma that can lead to PTSD in later years.


It was this ahah moment for me that would shift the trajectory of my career focus from business growth and human behaviour, to complex trauma, neuroscience and trauma-informed growth in business. I am currently doing my MSc on my way to my PhD in complex trauma and publishing my learnings on this blog, and now in my latest book CPTSD Handbook: Repair, Regulate, Recover.

CPTSD Handbook: Repair, Regulate, Recover is a synthesis of all I've learned over the last 5 years, presented in a form that I would love to learn new content. Concise, fun and with lots of white space. Heh.

A quick summary of what's inside the CPTSD Handbook: Repair, Regulate, Recover Complex Trauma can lead to Complex-PTSD in later years. The CPTSD Handbook is a concise and thorough introduction to CPTSD, a close look at what it is, how it affects us, where it is and ways to repair & regulate the brain and nervous system to support recovery from CPTSD. This handbook is designed to support Top Down and Bottom Up approaches to healing and includes: 1. An introduction to CPTSD 2. What is CPTSD 3. Where is CPTSD 4. Why is CPTSD here 5. W.A.T..E.R. IT approach to healing from CPTSD 6. 30+ hand pressed designs 7. 30+ insights 8. Journalling pages 9. Reminder of the benefits of Mindfulness 10. Reminder of the effects of Stress 11. Tools & Exercises to try today CPTSD Handbook is one of 16 books offering playful ways to become present and promote mindfulness to improve your mood.


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