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Look inside the Einstein colouring book: Imagination, Calm and Mindfulness

Sometimes inspiration is called for. And sometimes Einstein's views on life can be the very inspiration needed to shift one of our own situations. Particularly when it's inside a mindful practice designed to promote calm and wellbeing.

Einstein Colouring Book comes with:

  1. 49 stunning designs

  2. 49 brilliant quotes

  3. Reminder of the benefits of mindful practice

  4. Reminder of the effects of stress

  5. 3 Guided Mindfulness Practices

  6. TLDR (Too Long, Didn't Read) introduction to Albert Einstein

  7. Journaling, ideas, doodle pages

Einstein was an enigma, while he was not all that good with people, he has directly, and indirectly effected the lives of everyone on this planet.

Pursued by the FBI on suspicion of being a communist, offered the presidency of Israel, but turned it down, Einstein fled Germany during Hitler's uprising with his first cousin, (also his wife) to continue his exploration into the mysteries of life.

Keeping company with people such as Carl Jung and Neils Bohr, Einstein eventually won the Nobel Prize for his work on Relativity.

His views on the world, life's struggles and the Einstein quotes reinforcing the value of following one's own compass can be a wealth of inspiration when facing our own struggles.

Where to buy:

  1. Amazon - next day delivery available for prime customers.

  2. Buy the instant download below and print at home


Einstein Colouring Book sample colouring pages
Einstein Colouring Book Sample Colouring Pages

Look inside the Einstein Colouring Book
Look inside the Einstein Colouring Book

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