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Sensory Wellbeing for inside out health

The environment is the governing agent of the particle. - Einstein
Your 5 senses take information from the environment to the nervous system, and instruct 50 trillion cells in your body to animate accordingly. Dr. Bruce Lipton

Sensory Wellbeing

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For people with complex trauma in their past, there are a few factors that are mission critical to recovery and healing; environment, your human, your support system and your wardrobe.

The Environment

1. The environment can often be misread sending signals to the nervous system that we are in danger. Thus, 50 trillion cells respond to fight or flee impending danger, when all along, the environment is safe and normal. It is our complex trauma shaped brain and nervous system that is unable to clearly read, and thus communicate appropriately.

When I say environment, I literally mean your day-to-day. Your personal space, and/or your work space. These are the visual (sensory) cues unconsciously being absorbed that is directing the show despite our desire for the show to change.

I have been working with my environment for a good few years now and the evidence of change has made me more invested in understanding it, and deliberately curating spaces that send messages to my nervous system, that serve me best. A few photos of how I've curated my spaces.

The image on the far left is the NB3 offices we have in Dungarvan, Ireland. The middle and far right images are photos of 2 rooms in our home. The art over the couch was made by me, and full of symbols, signs and imagery that carry meaning.

Each time I take these visual cues in, consciously or most often, unconsciously, my nervous system receives clear communication that I am well which in turn instructs 50 trillion cells in my body to remain in zen like state. All is well. My home feels like a spa/sanctuary - and thus my human, feels consistently zen.

Your human

2. You - quality of nutrition, sleep, exercise and where you allow your focus to rest are all important for recovery. So is caring for your age related health. For example, I turned 46 today. I'm in the peri-menopause stage of life and being mindful of the support my body wants in this phase, is just as important.

I would recommend a few things here:

  1. Good Green Vitality by NuZest

  2. The Galveston Diet for women aged 40+

  3. Resistance Bands to take on your walks - for yoga, and strength training as you go.

  4. Skimming this list of 30+ mental health hacks to support people with complex trauma

Your support network:

3. Your support network - it really does take a village. For people with complex trauma in their past, solitude, (aka self-isolation) can be one of the most comforting forms of support they can gift themselves at times.

It can also be way too easy to stay there and match that, with feeling quickly overwhelmed when we reengage the general population, it can be tough to find and maintain a support network. Yet, it is critical. Be it book clubs, online groups, or versions thereof, it is important to stay connected as you move through the three phases of recovery.

Wellbeing in your Wardrobe:

4. For some of us, getting showered, dressed and ready to face our day with our best foot forward isn't quite here yet. For those of us already here, our wardrobe can play an important role in our mental health and wellbeing.

Sensory cues that reinforce deliberate messaging that we are safe, resilient and ready to have fun.

I'm a creative. I love art, creating and designing. I've recently focused my love of design into fashion because I couldn't find pieces that reflected who I am and how I want to show up.

As such, I've recently launched a niche gift shop here on Moody Cow that carries fashion and accessories for men and women who have a love and affection for philosophy and psychology.

And who value the role our environment plays in our mental health.

These collections have been curated and designed with signs, symbols and meaning anchored in Jungian Psychology, Eastern Philosophy, and an in-depth understanding of CPTSD and the language of the unconscious self.

This book here has been an epic resource. The language of the unconscious is signs, symbols, meaning, colour and shapes.

To direct the unconscious self, it is necessary to speak its language. I've been studying and referencing this particular book for over 5 years now. It is one of the best i've come across. I highly recommend it.

I expect the next few weeks will be working out the kinks in the ecommerce store, before a hard launch in time for Thanksgiving. Below are a few of the pieces. To view the entire range of fashion and accessories, go here >


Wellbeing in your wardrobe from the Moody Cow Gift Shop

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